Starting with Mosaic and the first release of Netscape, I began designing and developing websites in HTML. I absorbed all the HTML tricks and browser differences and continued (and continue) hand-coding as WYSIWYG editors came on the scene, preferring VIM to bloated generated code when every download millisecond mattered and broadband was relegated to the dorm's computer lab.

I learned and coded in various technologies as they emerged, including DHTML, Javascript and CSS. From there I began writing server-side scripting, starting with PERL CGI to JSP with Java Servlets and Beans and currently PHP with mySQL databases. All of this in between coding "traditional" languages comprising of C, Assembly, Java and a little Visual C++ and Visual Basic for fun. Flash and Actionscript were added to the repertoire as well.

The various paper animals you find on this site were folded and photographed by me, a hobby I picked up long ago and still enjoy when I'm not in front of code.